Jung Shim

The Jung Shim method which originated in South Korea more than 40 years ago, draws on the use of traditional Eastern medicine and ‘Qi’ energy for modern day issues. 

Jung Shim means 'beautiful mind'. The practice helps release unnecessary worries and clutter by regaining our connection to our original energy sources.  In an ever busy world, where stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue are common place, it is seeing huge benefits with people’s emotional health and well-being. 

Participants describe feeling more positive and calm with a greater sense of clarity.


At Jung Shim Wellness we offer treatments, classes and Family Wellness. They each aim to restore Qi to the body and mind, giving the vitality and wisdom needed to lead a healthy and happy life and support spiritual growth.


Chunsoo Treatments

The treatments open the energy pathways in the body, helping to relieve tension and pain, as well as re-energising the body and calming the mind.
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Jung Shim Classes

The classes involve chanting, movements and meditation to increase the energy flow around the body as well as clearing the mind. You will learn how to release your own energy blockages, recharge your body as well as working on the mind through self-reflection and meditation.  
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Ancestor Healing

Courses to clear inherited ancestral patterns passed down through the generations. These courses can help restore health and harmony and create a strong foundation for you and your family.
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