Jung Shim Workshop


Jung Shim Workshop

Saturday, July 1, 2017

London: 10:45am - 1:45pm

Teaching you to harness the power of your own ‘human energy’

We're living in a faster world where we are increasingly overwhelmed by the demands of modern day life. The result is our natural, 'human energy' or 'Qi' is being depleted. Our aim at Jung Shim is to teach you how to cope in today’s world by tapping into your own human energy source and learning how to renew it and re-energise.

This workshop consists of:

10.45am     Registration

11am          Talk: How to harness the power of your own ‘human energy’

11.45am     Tea break

12.15pm     Introductory Qi energy class

Join us for our next Jung Shim workshop by calling 0207 462 8811 or emailing info@jungshim.org