Recharge the body, mind and spirit

Jung Shim offers a range of classes and treatments that use simple Korean-inspired techniques to recharge the body, mind and spirit.

There are Centres around the world and UK-wide, including Manchester and Exeter as well as the main practice in Central London that work with individuals, companies and charities. The treatments, classes and workshops help the body and mind de-clutter and re-energise whilst often addressing underlying health issues such as:

• stress
• anxiety
• depression
• fatigue and insomnia
• back and neck pain
• sciatica
• migraines
• epilepsy
• blood pressure
• ibs and digestive problems
• endometriosis and PCOS
• menopause
• skin conditions


The Treatments

Chunsoo treatments are where practitioners use a combination of acupressure points and vibration sounds to stimulate energy and blood flow. The vibration travels much deeper into the body than touch alone and it helps to relieve tension and pain, as well as re-energising the body and calming the mind.  See how you could benefit from our treatments.

The Classes

The Margaret Street practice offers two types of classes; Qi Classes and Chanting ClassesQi Classes are one-hour long, and include chanting, movement and meditation in a peaceful and positively charged environment. Participants learn how to release energy blockages, recharge the body and work on the mind through self-reflection and meditation. Through Qi Classes, participants work to have greater physical strength, a more positive mind and a brighter spirit which In turn helps to promote the bodies own natural healing ability.

Chanting Classes consist of 30 minutes chanting followed by meditation. They help to remove negative feelings and bring about clarity.  See how you could benefit from Jung Shim Classes.


Ancestor Healing

Ancestor Healing courses and workshops clear inherited family health patterns that have been passed down through generations. These courses can help address ancestral patterns and restore health and harmony to create a strong foundation for the participant and their family. See how you could benefit from Ancestor Healing.