The festive holidays probably feel like a distant memory and the New Year’s resolutions are in full flow, with getting fit and healthy one of the top ‘must dos’. With this in mind, it feels very fitting that it’s National Obesity Awareness week.

Obesity is an increasing problem in the UK and around the world. According to estimates from Public Health England, two thirds of adults and a quarter of children between two and 10 years old are overweight or obese.

Obesity is a medical condition described as excess body weight in the form of fat. When accumulated, this fat can lead to severe health impairments like heart disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, cancers, depression and anxiety.


Obesity and Energy Levels

 At Jung Shim, we understand that our energy levels can be affected by the lifestyle we lead, our physical environment and emotional patterns. We teach people how to thrive in today's world by tapping into their own 'human energy' source and learning how to renew it in a sustainable way, leading to a healthier and happier life

As well as exercising, good food is key to a healthy lifestyle, so what better way to start the New Year than with a guide to what food can keep you fuller for longer

Healthy eating (especially with the goal of weight loss) doesn’t mean that you should be starving all of the time. In fact, you want to eat foods that keep your blood sugar at a steady level so you’re not left with those feelings of fatigue and intense hunger only a few hours after eating.

This blog will focus on healthy fats and foods that make you full and satisfied without piling on the calories, they are packed with fibre so are slow to digest, won’t spike your blood sugar, will give you energy and help keep your healthy eating habits in check.


Porridge Oats

Porridge oats are the King of Superfoods and are packed full of goodness. Porridge oats have a very low Glycaemic Index, this means they are slowly absorbed into the body’s blood stream.  This not only gives a long gradual release of energy and helps keep your blood sugar levels stable but it also keeps you fuller for longer. Oats are also proven to lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease and boost serotonin

Try our overnight Bircher Recipe to keep you going all day.


Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are full of fibre which helps to slow digestion and makes you feel fuller for longer. This translates into eating less, which over time can lead to weight loss. The role of fibre does not stop there. Fibre intake from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts helps to decrease cholesterol.

Try our seed crackers recipe which can be enjoyed on their own or with hummus or almond butter.



Studies have shown that if you eat soup before a meal, you will end up eating fewer calories during the meal. The soup stops the cells in the stomach producing your hunger hormone ghrelin and turns off your appetite. The body registers greater satisfaction when food is liquidised and soup moves out of the stomach more gradually than a solid meal would, leaving you feeling more satisfied for longer.

Our green soup is packed with vegetables, which are high in fibre and water – this helps create bulk without calories. The fibre helps make you feel full and also slows down digestion, which is a great way to help you stop snacking. Click here for the recipe.


About Jung Shim

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