Whatever the weather, walking in nature is not only good for your heart and fitness levels, but according to numerous studies it has measurable mental benefits and it may also reduce the risk of depression.

Let’s take a look at how a simple walk in nature may yield many additional benefits.

6 benefits of walking in nature:


1. Helps reduce stress

Studies have shown that people who spend more time in natural environments have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol compared to their counterparts who spend most of their time indoors.

In Japan there is even a word for ‘forest bathing’ Shinrin Yoku, which means getting lost in the forest and it’s used to help sufferers of chronic stress.


2. Helps with depression

A study focussing on Londoners showed that those living near trees were found to have better mental health. Even the presence of street trees seemed to have a positive outcome and one study found that areas with more trees had lower rates of prescriptions for antidepressants. The parks in and around London are a wonderful retreat in a busy day.

3. Can lower blood pressure

A little known health benefit of walking in nature versus walking in a city is it can help to keep your blood pressure down. This has been overwhelming proven in tests.

 4. Helps your brain function better

Walking through a forest or green area with trees has been found to aid memory and learning and also improve short term memory.

5. Sharper thinking and improved concentration

A study conducted on children with ADHD showed a marked improvement in concentration after just 20 minutes in a natural environment. Another study asked students to repeat a sequence of numbers by memory. The participants who had spent 20 minutes walking in nature performed the task much more accurately than those who hadn’t.

6. Increased positivity

In a study conducted by David Suzuki, science broadcaster and environmental activist, it was found that participants who spent 30 minutes each day in nature exhibited increased personal wellbeing and happiness.


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